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Established 1985

With over 30 years of experience trenching in all conditions from dirt to solid rock, in addition to 20 plus years of directional drilling, Cole Construction, Inc. continues to grow as one of the primary trenching companies in Montana.

Cole Construction, Inc. is based in southeast Montana. The company is willing, able and ready to travel to where you need us, when you need us. has the equipment to get the job done efficiently. We are committed to providing our customers with on-time service, quality machinery, qualified safety-oriented operators, highly skilled mechanics and competitive all-inclusive pricing.

We strive to be the #1 trenching company in the industry by continuing to provide superior service through hard work, safety and dedication. We will continue to develop long lasting partnerships with current and new customers who share our common core values of integrity, loyalty, trustworthiness and character. We are the trenching and boring experts you’ve been looking for.

Past Projects

  • Stock water lines
  • Domestic water lines
  • Fiber-optic lines
  • Gas lines
  • Power lines
  • General excavation
  • Stream restoration


Trenching Projects

trencher used in trenching projects
different trencher used in trenching projects
another trencher used in trenching projects


  • Solid rock trenching
  • Competitive prices in dirt trenching
  • Provide backfill services
  • No job too large or too small

CCI has competitive pricing and specialized equipment to trench where most others can’t.

Our family run company has dependable operators that will get the job done on time and efficiently.

Directional Drilling Projects


Cole Construction uses advanced equipment to drill underground utilities. This type of drilling allows utility line to be installed under roadways, rivers, and parking lots without disturbing the ground above.

Stream Restoration

Stream restoration for river banks
Stream restoration efforts for river banks using riprap


Stream restoration and mitigation is a process used to stabilize stream banks to correct and prevent stream bank erosion.
Cole Construction uses a combination of planting, riprap, stream barbs, and root wads for bank stabilization. We continually assess stream flow using engineering guidelines to ensure proper restoration from start to finish for all jobs.

Cutting Edge Stream Bank Restoration Equipment

Using the right tools for any stream bank restoration job is essential for productivity and accuracy. Cole Construction takes pride in its equipment and continuously adds to and updates existing equipment in order to keep current with technology advances and maximize field production.

Providing stream bank restoration services helps to:

  • Enable waterways to better handle floodwaters, to protect surrounding structures, roads, utilities, etc.
  • Reduce or lessen potential risk for landowner or government expenses incurred from draining ditches and removing excess sediment.
  • Enables filtration of contaminated stormwater and reduces runoff water pollutants from construction sites, and urban & agricultural land.
  • Contributes to improved habitats for native river species and aquatic food chain by creating hiding places. Additionally, it helps produce organic matter from plant debris for fish and other organisms.

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